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What is EWM:“SAP EWM is a software product that gives firms the ability to control warehouse processes and manage movements in the warehouse, mitigate problems and issues with enhanced warehouse efficiency, and transform operations into an adaptive fulfillment supply chain that can share its resources”.[2] SAP EWM is similar to SAP WM functionality, but with more flexibility in building objects like Warehouse structure, picking, put away, HU, RF, and more.[3] Also, Activity Areas, Work Centers, and Resources are elements incorporated into SAP EWM that are new additions since SAP WM. SAP WM was the company’s first foray into a specific Warehouse Management Solution. EWM isn’t so much a replacement for WM, but rather, a more robust alternative. Like SAP WM, SAP EWM is a part of SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) and supports all the processes within the logistics chain. The integrated functions and business processes within this warehouse management solution provide a high level of process and inventory transparency, a precise planning of warehouse steps, as well as efficient distribution and storage.[4] The payback associated with an EWM implementation typically ranges from 12 to 36 months from beneficial use of the system. Achieving a viable return requires leveraging the technology to improve and streamline the operation, not just automate existing, inefficient and archaic processes. Most EWM implementations result in qualitative and quantitative benefits such as fewer product handling steps, increased productivity, reduced errors, tighter inventory control, and improved inventory accuracy and order quality.[5]

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SAP EWM Course Curriculum:

1: The Extended Warehouse Management System

Introduction to Extended Warehouse Management

Basic ERP and EWM Integration

Delivery Document Integration

2: EWM Structure

Organizational Units

EWM Structural Elements

3: Master Data

APO Core Interface

EWM Master Data like Product Master. Packaging Specifications

Warehouse Structure, Storage Types, Storage Sections, Storage Bins, Work centers, Activity Areas and etc.

4: Warehouse Monitor and RF Framework

Warehouse Monitor, Easy Graphics Framework and Warehouse Cockpit

Introduction to RF UI

Configuration settings for RF

RF usage in Inbound and Outbound Processes

RF Framework

5 : Goods Receipt Process

Goods Receipt Processing Using EWM

ERP and EWM Documents in Goods Receipt

Storage Control

Expected Goods Receipts

QIE and EWM Quality Management


Slotting and Rearrangement

Goods Receipt Process Overview

Availability Groups for Inventory Management

Direct Putaway Configuration

Putaway Rules and Strategies

Deconsolidation Process.

Value added Services

Quality Inspection and Counting

6: Goods Issue Process

Outbound Delivery Processing

EWM Outbound Delivery Documents

Storage Control in Outbound Processes

Wave Processing

Value-Added Services

Goods Issue

Stock Removal Strategies

Pick Denial/Handling Differences in Picking

7: Yard Management Yard Management along with Configuration

Check in and Check out

Check Point to Door

Door to Check Point

8: Storage Control

Storage Control Concepts

Process-oriented Storage Control

Layout-oriented Storage Control

9: Warehouse Order & Warehouse Task Creation

Product Warehouse Task

HU Warehouse Task

Creation of WT for Warehouse Requests

Filters for Warehouse Order Creation Rules

Limit Values for Warehouse Order Creation Rules

Pick, Pack and Pass During Picking

10: Posting Changes, Stock Transfers and Replenishment

Posting Changes and Stock Transfers

Ad Hoc Movements and


11: Physical Inventory

Periodic Physical Inventory Procedure

Continuous Physical Inventory Procedures

Cycle Counting

Processing of Physical Inventory Documents

Difference Analysis

Physical Inventory Progress

Reports in Physical Inventory

Physical Inventory Using Radio Frequency

12: Slotting and Rearrangement

Slotting and Rearrangement Unit

13: Strategies

Putaway and Stock Removal Strategies

14: Kitting

Kit to Stock

Kit to Order

Reverse Kitting

Transportation Cross Docking

Opportunistic Cross Docking

15: Cross-Docking

Stock Transfer between IM and EWM Stor.Loc

Stock Transfer between EWM to EWM Loc

Initial Stock Entry -561 Movement

Work Centre Determination without POSC

16.Labor Management

17.Data Capture and Resource Optimization

18.Integration with Other Applications

19.Post-Processing Framework (PPF) and Form Printing

20.Authorizations and Roles and Data Archiving

21.Deploying Extended Warehouse Management

Material Details

01.Certification Material

EWM100 – Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) Processes.pdf

EWM110 – Extended Warehouse Management Customizing.pdf

SAP EWM100_EN_Col95.pdf

SAP EWM110_EN_Col95.pdf

SAP EWM120_EN_Col95.pdf

SAP EWM125_EN_Col96.pdf

SAP SCM631_EN_Col95.pdf

SAP SCM660_EN_Col95.pdf

02.SAP Press Ebooks

SAP Press – SAP Enterprise Asset Management 2008.pdf



03.Configuration Documents

Batch-Management -EHP3 For SAP ECC 6.0.pdf


Implementing RFID with SAP.pdf


SAP RFID Solution.pdf


supply-chain-traceability with RFID -SAP.pdf

What’s New in SAP’s Change and Transport Management System.pdf

04.T-Codes with Explaination

SAP QM Transaction codes with explanations.pdf

05.Other Material









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