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ABAP on HANA Introduction

We have heard enough about SAP HANA, in-memory concept,software/hardware innovation etc. In this article, we do not want to beataround the theories. As an ABAP developer, we would like to know how we canview ABAP objects (programs/FMs/tables) in HANA Studio and how we cancreate/change those objects there. This is the 􀃤rst part in the series of postswhich would speci􀃤cally target our SAP Technical folks, our ABAPercommunity.

As an ABAPer, I had these queries. I am sure, many of my ABAPer friendswould have similar if not same questions. Hope these answers would provide some light to your existing knowledge about ABAP on SAP HANA. At the end of the last question of this article, you will learn and create your 􀃣rst ABAP program from HANA Studio and also execute it successfully to view the output

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SAP ABAP on HANA Course Content

Introduction SAP HANA Technical Concepts, ADT, HANA Studio

Architectural Scenarios

SAP HANA as Database for other Applications

SAP HANA HW and SW Technology

Row Store Vs Column Store

Data Compression

Parallel processing

When to Use Row and Column Store

Classical Vs New Approach

Introduction to HANA Studio

Introduction to Core Data Services

Paradigm Changes

CDS Enablement

What are Core Data Services ?

Core Data Services – ABAP

Bottom Down

Top Down approach

ABAP CDS Architecture


CDS SQL Features

General and Enhanced features

Simple CDS View 􀳦 ABAP CDS Entity

Case Expressions in CDS Views

ABAP CDS Literals

Joins in CDS Views

Aggregation, Grouping, Filtering Groups

Advanced Concepts in CDS

Annotations in CDS Views

Unions in CDS Views

Consuming CDS Views

View on View

View Extensions

ABAP CDS Associations

Path Expressions

Filter Expressions

View with Input parameters

Different ways of exposing CDS Views as OData Service

Expose CDS Views as OData Service Type 1

Expose CDS as OData Service Type 2

Expose CDS as OData Service Type 3

Where CDS Views are used?

New Open SQL Features

New Features in Open SQL

Few Limitations Removed



SAP HANA as Secondary DB Connection

Tools to Analyze potential functional and performance issues in ABAP Programs

Guided Performance Analysis

Performance Rules and Guidelines for SAP HANA

Code to Data with SAP HANA as Secondary Database

Paradigm Changes

Open SQL

ABAP Database Integration

Limitations of Open SQL in ABAP < 7.4

ABAP Database Connectivity ADBC

Use of ADBC

Native SQL in ABAP

Testing native SQL in HANA studio

HANA Artifacts, HANA Studio

Bottom up approach AS ABAP < 7.40

Search functions in HANA Studio

HANA Views

Consuming HANA Views via Native SQL

Database Procedures in HANA Studio

Calling HANA Procedures in ABAP

Using ABAP Managed Database Procedures

Top Down approach ABAP 7.4


CDS Table Functions ABAP NW 7.5

AMDP Sample method

SAP HANA Proxy Objects

Bottom up approach AS ABAP < 7.40

External Views

Creating External View in ADT

Data type mapping between HANA and ABAP Dictionary

Access HANA Views via ABAP External Views

HANA Transport Container

Calling SAP HANA Procedures in ABAP Procedure Proxies in ABAP 7.4

Database Procedure Proxies

Creating Database Procedure Proxy in ADT

Data type mapping between HANA and ABAP Dictionary

Access DB Procedure Proxy in ABAP

Code to Data Techniques Preferences

Debugging in ABAP Development tools(ADT

Materials Details

01. Certification Ebooks

BC402 – Advanced ABAP – Instructor Handbook(Col92).pdf

BC402 – Advanced ABAP – Instructor Handbook.pdf

BC404_EN_Col10 – ABAP Development in Eclipse.pdf

HA100_EN_Col11 – HANA Introduction.pdf

HA300_EN_Col11 – SAP HANA Modeling.pdf

HA400_EN_Col11 – ABAP Programming for SAP HANA.pdf

HA450_EN_Col12 – Application Development for SAP HANA.pdf

02. SAP Press Ebooks-ABAP on HANA






03. ABAP on HANA-Other Materials

ABAP on HANA Guide Book.pdf

ABAP Code Remediation Using ATC and Transport Blocking for HANA.pptx

abap development for sap hana.pdf

ABAP Development on HANA.pdf

ABAP for SAP HANA Points to Remember SAP Yard.pdf

ABAP HANA Optimization.pdf

ABAP HANA Q and Ans.txt

Abap Hr Programing.pdf

ABAP on HANA Advanced.pptx

Abap on Hana From Analysis to Optimization.pdf

ABAP on HANA Golden Rules.pptx

Abap on Hana Ide.pptx

ABAP on HANA.pdf

Abap on Hana.pptx

Abap on Sap Hana Part i.pdf

Abap on Sap Hana Part II.pdf

Abap on Sap Hana Part III.pdf

Abap on Sap Hana Part IV.pdf

Abap on Sap Hana Part Ix.pdf

Abap on Sap Hana Part V.pdf

ABAP on SAP HANA Part VI pdf.pdf

Abap on Sap Hana Part Vii.pdf

ABAP on SAP HANA Part VIII pdf.pdf

ABAP S4 HANA pdf.pdf

Best Practice Guide Classical Migration of SAP NetWeaver as ABAP to SAP HANA.pdf

Brand new ABAP 7 4 for SAP HANA End to End Development Guide With Latest ABAP 7 4 SP5 Features.pdf

Develop Real Time Applications Using SAP NetWeaver Application Server for ABAP on SAP HANA.pdf

Get your abap ready for Hana.pdf

Getting Started With SAP NetWeaver as ABAP and SAP BW 7 4 SP10 on SAP HANA 1 0 SP38 5bDeveloper Edition 5d 0 SP10 5bDeveloper Edition 5d.pdf

Ha400 en Col08 Fv Part a4.pdf

HANA Bootcamp SQLScript and ABAP Integration.pptx

Mandatory Steps to Adapt Your ABAP Code for SAP HANA.pdf

SAP HANA End to End Development Guide With Latest ABAP 7.pdf

SAP UI5 Developer Guide for SAP HANA En.pdf

Step by Step Guide to SetUp ABAP on HANA With Eclipse.pdf

Tune Your Custom ABAP Code Get Ready for SAP HANA Nov 2013.pdf

Where ABAP Meets HANA.pdf

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