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What is SAP BASIS & NetWeaver:SAP Basis is pointing to everything in the system that is connected to the technical part. If you are interested in the technical part of SAP systems, than you are definitely interested in SAP BASIS. SAP BASIS is an Integral SAP skill integrated by SAP run companies. Most SAP run companies use SAP Basis as a tool to run their SAP Databases, manage their SAP Databases, and design their SAP Databases.

SAP BASIS describes the fundamentals of the administration of the SAP system. SAP BASIS is all about installing, configuring, updating, patching, migrating, troubleshooting any technical problem on the SAP system and manage all the daily operations for that specific SAP system. Basis area emphasizes the administration of RDBMS (Relational Database Management System), client-server architecture and the SAP GUI. Moreover Basis defines the interface between the system components and the Basis components, which includes also the development platform for SAP applications and data dictionary. System administration, user administration and monitoring tools are also features of the Basis components in the SAP system.

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SAP BASIS & NetWeaver Course Content

1.Introduction to SAP

What is SAP

ERP and its Benefits

2.SAP Architecture

SAP Architecture and Layers

SAP Products R/2 and R/3

3.SAP System Landscape

One Two and Three System Landscape

4.Full Life Cycle Implementation (Kick off to Go Live)

Project Preparation

Business Blueprint


Final Preparation

Go Live

5.SAP Navigation

How to Configure SAP Logon Pad

6.Pre Requisite before Installing SAP Netweaver

How to Download SAP Software

How to Configure Virtual Memory and Network Adapter before Installing SAP

Java Installation and MaxDB Database Installation

7.SAP Netweaver Version 7. 03 Live Installation

SAP Installation using tool SAPinst

8.Post Installation Activities

SAP GUI Installation

Post Installation Activities

9.Starting and Stopping SAP System

How to Start and Stop the SAP system


What is Instance in SAP

11.Work Processes

Overview of ABAP Work Process

Processing a User Request

Enqueue Work Process

Background Work Process

Spool Work Process

ICM ( Internet Communication Manager)

12.Operation Modes

Scheduling and Maintaining Operation Modes

13.Profile Maintainance

Types of Profiles and Parameter settings in Instance Profile

14.User Administration

User Overview

User Types

How to Create, Copy, Delete, Locking and Unlocking Users


Creating Roles and Assigning Roles to Users

16.Logical System

How to Create Logical Systems

17.RFC (Remote Function Call )

Types of RFC and how to create RFC destinations for SAP systems

18.Client Administration

Concept and Overview of Client in SAP

Client Creation

Local Client Copy

Remote Client Copy

19.Background Jobs

Overview of Background Jobs

Scheduling Background Jobs using SM36

Monitoring Background Jobs using SM37

20.Transport Management System

Concept and Terminology of TMS

Importing Transport Request to Quality System

21.Support Packages

Concept and Overview of Support Packages

SPAM/SAINT Updates – Add Ons

Importing Support Patches using SPAM

22.Spool Administration

Spool Overview

Creating Output Devices using SPAD

Spool Monitoring

23.System Monitoring and Production Support Activities

System Logs

ABAP Dumps

System Messages

Locking and Unlocking Transaction Codes for Users

Users List

List of All Users logged on to SAP

Lock Entries

Failed Updates

Work Processes

Monitoring all SAP Servers

Job Monitoring

System Trace

Buffer Summary

Deleting a Client

Work Load Analysis

SAP-BASIS Advanced- Upgradation

1 Introduction to SAP Upgrades

SAP Upgrade Roadmap

Enhance Package (EhP)

2 Planning of Upgrade

Why Upgrade is necessary in SAP

Factors to Decide Upgrade Strategy

SAP System Landscape

SAP Upgrade Approaches

Complexity of SAP Upgrade

3 Role of SAP Solution Manager during SAP Upgrades

Stack File Generation

SAP Testing

4 Upgrade Tools

Software Update Manager – SUM Tool

SAP Software Provisioning Manager


Mass Activation


5 ECC Upgrade

SAP System Methodology

Shadow Instance Creation

SE95 – SAP Modification Browser



Support Packages and Addons

SAP Kernal Upgrade

6 Upgrade – Execution

SAP ECC Upgrade Walkthrough

ECC Upgrade Part 1.1

ECC Upgrade Part 1.2

ECC Upgrade Part 1.3

ECC Upgrade Part 1.4

ECC Upgrade Part 1.5

7 SAP Security during Upgrade

SU24 Maintain Check Indicators

Check Indicators – SU25

8 SAP AS Java Upgrade

Dual Stack Split

SAP JAVA Upgrade

JSPM Service Pack Upgrade

9 Upgrade Services from SAP

Upgrade Services from SAP

Upgrade Paths in SAP

10 Unicode Conversion

Unicode Conversion in SAP

11 Appendix and Supplementary Materials

SAP Best Practices

32 pages Start Lecture


15 pages Start Lecture

03.SAP OS/DB Migrations

1.Overview of SAP OS/DB Migration

SAP Introductions

Terminology Used in SAP Migration

Homogenous System Copy

Heterogenous System Copy

2.SAP OS/DB Migration Project

SAP Migration Overview Project

Workflow for Export and Import – SAP ABAP System

Workflow for Export and Import – Java System

3.Tools for Performing Migrations

SAP ABAP Migration Tools

Java Migration Tools

4.Performing Actual SAP ABAP System Migration

Export Directory Structure for SAP ABAP

5.Export Preparation in SAP ABAP System

Export Preparation for an SAP ABAP System

6.Migration Monitor

Migration Monitor

7.OS/DB Migration of an SAP ABAP based system

Phase 1 – Preparation for Export in Source System

SAP Solution Manager Key Generation

Exception Table – DBDIFF

Phase 2 – Performing an Export in SAP ABAP System

File Transfer to Target System

8.Actual Import

Generate OS/DB Migration Key

Phase 3 – Preparing the Target System for Import

SAP Kernal Upgrade

Phase 4 – Import for ABAP + JAVA

Phase 5 – Performing Post Migration Activities

Consistency Checks during SAP Migration

9.OS/DB Migration of a JAVA Based SAP System

JAVA – Directory Structure for Export

10.Performing Actual Java based system Migration

SAP Export Preparation for an JAVA System

11.Tuning SAP Migrations

SAP Optimization of Migration

SAP Package Splitter

SAP Table Spliter

12.Considerations During the SAP Migration

Consideration during the SAP Migrations

13.SAP Migration Conclusion

SAP Conclusion

Solution Manager Migration Steps

SAP-Security Course Contents

1 SAP Security Concepts

Introduction to SAP Security

User Master Record

Authorization Check

Select Authorization Concept

2 SAP User Maintenance

User Types in SAP R/3

User Maintenance in SAP R/3

Login Profile Parameters

Roles and Authorizations in SAP

Parent and Derived Roles

Composite Roles

3: Security Support and Troubleshooting – Tips and Tricks

Display Auth Data in SU53

ST01 Trace in Security

4 SAP ECC Security

Organizational Levels in SAP

Authorization Groups

Security Tables

Critical Basis Authorizations

Custom Auth Objects

Default Users in SAP

SAP Delivered Checks

SAP Profile Reconciliation – PFUD

SAP ABAP Security

5 SAP Security on HANA

Creating Users in HANA Studio

User Administration in SAP HANA

Role Concept

Authentication in SAP HANA

Authorization Methods in SAP HANA

Auditing in SAP HANA

6 SAP Security Reporting

SAP User Information System

7 Security Support and Troubleshooting – Tips and Tricks

Display Auth Data in SU53

ST01 Trace in Security

8 SAP Upgrades

SU24 Maintain Check Indicators

Copy Check Indicators – SU25

9 SAP AS JAVA Security

SAP AS JAVA Security

Portal Permissions

UME SAP User Management

UME SAP Roles Mangement

SAP UME Group Management

10 SAP Business Objects Security

Central Management Console – CMC

Creating Users and Groups in CMC

Access Levels

11 SAP Technical Know how to Manage SAP Security

Central User Administration – CUA

Maintain T-Code using SE93

SU10 – Mass User Maintenance in SAP R/3

12 Conclusion


SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Course Content

1: Overview of SAP Solution Manager

Overview of SAP Solution Manager

SAP Product Availability Matrix – PAM

Sizing of SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solman Infrastructure

2: Installation of SAP Solution Manager

Download of SAP Solution Manager Software

Installation of SAP Solution Manager

3: Configuration for SAP Solution Manager

Setup of SAP Solution Manager

Basic Configuration of SAP Solution Manager

Managed Server Configuration in SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager – key generation

4: SAP Landscape

SAP System Lanscape Directory – SLD

SAP LMDB Overview

SAP Solution Manager SMSY – Demo

SAP CR Content update for SLD

SAP SLD – Demo

SAP SLD Synchronizing

5: SAP Hostagent

SAP Hostagent Overivew and Architecture

Download of SAP HostAgent

SAP Hostagent Installation

SAP Hostagent installation – Demo

6: Diagnostics Agent in SAP Solution Manager

Download of SAP Diagnostics Agent

Criteria to decide where to install an SAP Agent

SAP SMD Agent Configuration

SAP SMD Agent installation Demo

7: SAP Solution Manager Work Center

Introduction to SAP Solution Manager Workcenter

SAP Solution Manager Workcenter details

Architecture and Overview of SAP Workcenter

8: SAP Software Upgrades using Solution Manager

SAP MOPz – Maintenance Optimizer and Stack File Generation

9: Wily Introscope in SAP Solution Manager

Download of Wily Introscope server and Agent from SAP

Overview of Wily Introscope in SAP Solution Manager

Installation of Wily Instroscpe in SAP Solution Manager

Installation of Wily Introscope agent in SAP Solution Manager

10: Monitoring using SAP Solution Manager

System Monitoring using SAP Solution Manager

Early Watch Alert using SAP Solution Manager

Business Process Monitoring using SAP Solution Manager

Business Process Analytics using SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager Documentation Asistant using SAP Solution Manager

11: SAP IT Service Management

SAP Request for a Change

SAP Create an Incident Ticket

SAP Dispatch an Incident Ticket

SAP Alert Inbox

12: Important Documents for SAP Configuration

Central Monitoring using SAP Solution Manager

SAP BI and Central Performance History Setup

CHaRM setup for a Typical SAP Landscape

13: Next Steps in SAP Solution Manager

Conclusion and Next Steps including Demo Access to SAP Solution Manager

Material Details

01.Certification Material

















CA940 – SAP R3 Application Security Concept.pdf

CA960 – Customizing and Transport Management.pdf

Data Protection Guidelines for SAP ERP 6.0.pdf

E2E220 – SAP Solution Manager(Col84).pdf

Monitoring Setup Guide(CEN SAP NW 7.0).pdf

SAP Press – SAP Solution Manager (3rd Edition) 2011.pdf




SM100 – SAP Solution Manager Configuration and Operations(Col84).pdf

SM100 – SAP Solution Manager Configuration for Operations(Col91).pdf

SM100 – SAP Solution Manager for Operations of Solutions(Col81).pdf

SM150 – SAP Solution Manager 7.0 – Process and Configuration of Service Desk(Col62).pdf

SOA200 – SAP Enterprise SOA – Enterprise Architecture Framework – Level 1.pdf


TZNWIM – Netweaver Identity Management 7.1.pdf

Use of Solution Manager.pdf

Using CMS for SAP XI 3.0.pdf

02.SAP Press Ebooks

SAP Basis Installation on UNIX – Oracle Database.pdf

SAP Basis Made Easy.pdf

SAP Press – 100 Things You Should Know about Authorizations in SAP 2012.pdf

SAP Press – SAP Security and Risk Management (2nd Edition) 2011.pdf












03. SAP BASIS NetWeaver CBTs



03. SAP Solution Manager-Simulators

04. SAP Upgradation Notes & Guides

10187 – Users with large master rec. missing authorizations.pdf

26417 – SAP GUI Resources – Hardware and software.pdf

28022 – Customer system – Where used list of SAP objects.pdf

28781 – Central transport directory NT-UNIX.pdf

51046 – Transport transfer – Central transport directory.pdf

62519 – Correction locks do not belong to system.pdf

62988 – Service packs for Microsoft SQL Server.pdf

65761 – Configuration test tool for Windows, sapntchk download.pdf

94998 – Requesting license keys and deleting systems.pdf

96905 – Error message TG063 in upgrade phase JOB_RADDRCHK.pdf

122597 – Ignoring errors in the phase XPRAS_UPG.pdf

139945 – SAP Database Monitor for MS SQL Server.pdf

147519 – Maintenance strategy – deadlines ‘SAP GUI’.pdf

154686 – Long Datatype Conversion for MS SQL Server.pdf

175596 – Conversion to new batch input log.pdf

177680 – Solve conversion problems in phase PCON_46BCD.pdf

186066 – Increased freespace requirement during the upgrade.pdf

195157 – Application log – Deletion of logs.pdf

211077 – Exchanging target release kernel during upgrade.pdf

367676 – Release upgrade from 4.6 to 6.10 for customer programs.pdf

417670 – Information on resetting the upgrade (6.x).pdf

452229 – Release upgrade from 6.10 to 6.20 for customer programs.pdf

485455 – Change in code page structure for Release gr or eq. 6.10.pdf

485741 – Handling customer translations in the upgrade.pdf

493387 – Potential effects of table and structure extensions.pdf

623723 – Upgrade – Application – specific problems.pdf

689951 – Release upgrade from 6.20 to 6.40 for customer programs.pdf

712297 – Short dumps occur if you restore variants when upgrading.pdf

789220 – Support Package level for NetWeaver Installations – Upgrades.pdf

805390 – SAP Solution Manager is required for SAP Software.pdf

813445 – Documentation of the report UMG_POOL_TABLE.pdf

813658 – Repairs for upgrades to products based on SAP NW 2004s AS.pdf

816211 – upgrade startup – prepare script on Windows systems.pdf

821032 – Corrections for SAPup release 7.00.pdf

821875 – Security settings in the message server.pdf

825146 – upgrading to SAP NW04s (SR1, SR2) MSSQL.pdf

826092 – Add. info. on upgrading to SAP ERP Central Component 6.0.pdf

857904 – Upgrade from Release 6.40 to 7.0.pdf

905029 – Add. info. Upgrade to SAP NW 2004s Support Rel. 1 ABAP.pdf

913971 – Add. info. on upgrading to SAP ERP Central Component 6.0 SR1.pdf

922557 – Changing, creating or replacing enhancements.pdf

956198 – sap_deadlock_trigger should not be used.pdf

961410 – Add. info. on upgrading to SAP ECC 6.0 SR2 ABAP.pdf

961512 – Add. Info. on upgrading to SAP SCM 5.0 SR2 ABAP.pdf

05. Solman-Configuration & Master Guides

Basic SAP Solution Manager-SAP-SM

Solution Manager Overview-3 – ELearning

SolutionManager_7_2- E Leraning

A Comprehensive Introduction to SAP Solution Manager.pdf

A Project Manager’s Guide to SAP Solution Manager Advanced Tips, Tricks, and Lessons.pdf

Solman Service Desk Configuration.pdf

Solution Manager 7.0 Master Guide.pdf

Solution Manager 7.0 Sizing Guide.pdf

Solution Manager 7.0 Upgrade FAQ.pdf

Solution Manager Application Incident Management – Configuration and Upgrade Guide.pdf

Solution Manager Configuration Guide.pdf

Solution Manager Security Guide.pdf

Solution Manager Setup – Changes vs. 7.01.pdf

06.SAP BASIS & NetWeaver Manulas & Guides
























SAP BASIS Complete Guide.pdf

SAP Netweaver For Dummies Ebook.pdf



07.SAP Basis Certification and Interview Questions Answers and Explanations


SAP_Security_& GRC Job_Interview_Preparation_Guide.pdf

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