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What is SAP BODS 4.2:SAP BO Data Services (BODS) is an ETL tool used for data integration, data quality, data profiling and data processing. It allows you to integrate, transform trusted data-to-data warehouse system for analytical reporting. BO Data Services consists of a UI development interface, metadata repository, data connectivity to source and target system and management console for scheduling of jobs. This introductory tutorial gives a brief overview of the features of SAP BODS and how to use it in a systematic manner.

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BODS 4.2 Course Content

History of BODS and Origin

EIM relation to BODS

Different Versions of BODS (3.0, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2) & Major differences


Purpose of DS

Basics and understandings

BODS’ look and feel

Understanding BODS jargon

Setting up the Environment (making system Project ready) (Admin)

Creating Local repository (Admin)

Creating Job Servers / Using the Existing servers (Admin)

Creating CMC and MMC Connections (Admin)

Connecting to the external systems (Sources & Targets)

View Data and extracting the data

Importing Metadata

Data Staging

Dataservices Design Interface


File Format

XML Data

Batch Job

Data Flow

Job Execution

Creation of Single and Multi User Instance (Central repository)

Creating Central repository (Non- Secure)(Admin)

How to Use Central repository

Upgrading to a secure Central repository (Secure) (Admin)

Upgrading the CMC (Admin)

Creating Users and Groups (Admin and tester) (Admin)

Assigning privileges to Users (Admin)

Login to Central repo with Admin privileges and Tester Privileges

Maintaining History, labelling in Central repository

Giving permissions to (Testers) users from central repo (Admin Login) (Admin)

Code comparison between repositories.

Usage of Central repository

Datastore Configurations for Single User instance

Check in/ Check out/ Get latest / Labelling etc

Real time scenarios on how and where we use the Single and Multi User Instances

Built in Transformations

Platform Transformations

Case Transformation

Map Operation Transformation

Merge Transformation

Query Transformation

Row Generation Transformation

SQL Transformation

Validation Transformation


Integrator Transformations

Data Transfer Transformation

Data Generation Transformation

Effective Date Transformation

Hierarchy Flattering Transformation

History Preserving Transformation

Table comparison Transformation

Pivot & Reverse Pivot Transformations

Key Generation Transformation

XML Pipeline Transformation

Data Quality Transformations

Match Transformation

Best record Strategy

Built in Functions

All built in system functions

Designing Jobs

Creating a job Using Conditions, Scripts and Global Variables ( AIO/ BPDM )

Validation Tracing and Debugging Batch job

Applying Filters on the Data level

Built in Transformations (Platform, Data Integrator, Data Quality)

Dataservices Scripting language and Variables

Capturing changes in data (Initial / Deltaload)

Handling Errors and auditing

Migrating Projects



Managing Metadata

Connecting to SAP Applications

ABAP data Flow processing Using Dataservices

IDoc interface connectivity Using Dataservices

SAP Application table source in real jobs using Dataservices

Executing Batch jobs that contain ABAP Dataflows

Connecting to SAP Net weaver Business warehouse

Using Dataservices in SAP NW BW environments

Defining SAP Net Weaver BW Datastores Using Dataservices

Loading into SAP NW BW Using Dataservices

Loading the data to SAP HANA

Intro to SAP HANA Studio

Datastore and System Configs

Real Time Jobs

Introduction to Real time Jobs

Manipulating the XML Doc using BODS

Testing the Real time Jobs

Executing the Real time Jobs

Creating the WSDL as an output

Invoking and provoking a WSDL using BODS

SAP AIO Methodology for DS (Version 3.0/3.2) & SAP BPDM (1.4x)


Versions of AIO / BPDM

Project End – End

Building the project

AIO-Mapping sheets

Using / Customizing the Standard AIO templates



Extracting and scoping the data

Using SQL as Database repository

Building the job

Managing and scheduling the jobs

Lookup jobs and requirement

Various errors you encounter

XML/IDOC/LSMW output formats.

Troubleshooting project

Project Maintenance

Project Architecture

Code Documentation (Annotations, Properties & Comments)

Reviews (Code and Annotations)

Description about Dev, QUAL, UAT, DST, MOCK & PROD Instances.

Code deployment Using Central repository



Code Direct Push

Performance Optimization

Support Activities

Materials Details

01.SAP BODS Material







BODS 4.1- Installation Guide for UNIX.pdf

BODS 4.1- Reference Guide.pdf

BODS 4.1-Installation Guide for Windows.pdf

BODS 4.1-Tutorial.pdf

BODS 4.2 Designer-Guide-2014.pdf

BODS 4.2 Management Consol Guide.pdf

BODS 4.2 Release Notes.pdf

BODS 4.2 Tutorial-2013.pdf

BODS 4.2 Work bench Guide.pdf

BODS 4.2- Instalation Guide for Windows.pdf

BODS 4.2- Installation Guide for UNIX.pdf

BODS 4.2- Master Guide.pdf

BODS 4.2- Supplement for SAP-2014.pdf

BODS 4.2- Suppliment of SAP.pdf

BODS 4.2- Upgrade Guide.pdf

BODS 42-Release-Notes-En.pdf

BODS- 4.2 Reference Guide-En.pdf



BODS-4.2-Designer Guide-2013.pdf















What’s New in BODS 4.2-2013.pdf

What’s New in BODS 4.2.pdf



02.SAP BO 4.0 Interview Questions


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